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Bearing Remover - 8 Piece Metric Set

Bearing Remover - 8 Piece Metric Set
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Price: $81.79
Part # : MP-08-0269
Manufacturer: Motion Pro
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8 piece metric set includes 1 each large and small drivers, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 20mm, and 25mm removers. Dependable split collet design Metric sizes to allow use with metric applications. This is the tool that I have raved about that I purchased in 1992 for $120..... It makes wheel bearing removal literally a 20 second operation. And the best part of it is that it drives the bearing straight out so your wheel will not get ruined. Stop using a drift to pound out your bearings.... Another high quality MOTION PRO tool.

*INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE* - remove wheel - Squat down and hold the wheel across your knees - Find the right size adapter thing and slip it up from the bottom into the bottom bearing - Set it all on the ground so the adapter thing is sitting on the ground and the wheel is sitting there sideways - Take the long/larger driver thing [like a big screw driver] and slip it down through the top bearing and into the slot of the adapter thing - Give it a couple good whacks to drive it down into the adapter good and solid - Squat and put the wheel across your knees again - Gently tap the driver while holding your hand under the adapter – you should feel the bearing come out, keep tapping gently until it is out all the way - HINT – I would get a hot air gun or similar and heat up the hub around where the bearing sits [try not to heat up the bearing] the hub gets hot, the hole get larger. Physics lesson of the day. This will help the bearing get removed and lesson the damage to the aluminum hub.

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Reviewed by rjk40
12/22/2018 - 12:56:58 PM
Motion Pro Bearing Remover

This tool makes removal of bearings inside a housing much easier.

The removal process involves wedging the collet remover into the inner bearing race with the long handled striker/strikee, and then hammering on it to push the bearing out of the housing. The striker/strikee is rather soft metal and will likely become peened over, but that will not hinder the usefulness of the tool.

Some heat on the bearing housing may be necessary.

I definitely recommend this product, as it will ease a frequently difficult removal process.