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Sure, you can go to Kmart to get a battery, or any motorcycle dealership......  But the batteries we stock here at Bevel Heaven are different, they are AGM maintenance free dry cell batteries.

I have narrowed it down to these top shelf batteries for our bevel drives.  I have run the SVR 20 in my NCR Replica the 12V14-B in my Yamadog FJ1200 since 2001.  Not the slightest hint of a problem in either one.   Please see the FAQs below as well as warranty information etc.  These are very good batteries and should last the life of your bike.  Really.  The WestCo 12V14-B has the familiar & standard terminals.  The SV series batteries all carry an extremely heavy duty terminal, able to withstand much more vibration which is a major enemy to the life of your battery and it is only a few more bucks.

For non electric start bevel drive twins, you have 2 choices below.  For your electric start models, I present you with the top of the line SVR20 - a workhorse which is much smaller physically than your standard B68-12V 36AH stocker but will outperform in in every way.  For the 6V crowd, I have also found you a dry cell replacement....  Don't be tempted to buy a cheap battery, you will have to replace it often, these you won't.  Lastly, there is a battery charger for these batteries, it can be switched between 6V and 12V, check it our on the bottom of this page.  If you own a 750F1 or a modern Ducati twin, please see the new WestCo batteries below, we now offer them.

These batteries can only be shipped to USA customers, sorry.  Shipping takes 3-5 days in most cases, and batteries are shipped separately to any other parts ordered.

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