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V2 Gaskets

V2 Gaskets
Vee Two makes super high quality gaskets using a non asbestos gasket material called "Betaflex 69".

Betaflex 69 is a cellulose fiber material with nitrile butadiene rubber binder. It has excellent tensile strength, crush resistance, and erosion resistance against high volume fluid flow and impingement. It is used primarily in automatic transmission valve bodies, pumps, and other typical engine sealing applications. It is intended for use in applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 180 degrees C.

What this means: Betaflex 69 is a superior material for our appications and since Vee Two cuts them in house, they are 100% accurate to original sizes and shapes.
Part # : 0788.10.051
Part # : 0905.49.130
Part # : 0755.46.030
Part # : 0805.49.140
Part # : 0755.70.010