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Bike For Sale Posting Fee

Bike For Sale Posting Fee
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Price: $226.00
Part # : misc-4sale_ad
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If you want us to build you a webpage and list it in our main website's BIKES FOR SALE page (click HERE to see), this is where to pay...

The price includes up to 6 photos that you can email to us and all the text you want. If you wish to use more photos NO PROBLEM it will just cost a bit more.... Choose the number of photos you are going to use in the drop down menu. We will run your add until your bike sells or up to 3 months.  Remember to let us know once your bike sells and plese do tell us for how much as we like to keep tabs on current values!

* If your bike doesn't sell in 3 months and you want a 2nd 3 month period, choose the appropriate choice to pay etc.

Why advertize your motorcycle on  We currently get on average 78000 hits a day, mostly DUCATI & Italian bike minded folks so this is one of the best places to sell your DUCATI...... new or old.  With our worldwide exposure to a select crowd, you are sure to get noticed by the people that would be most interested in your bike,  Avoid all the eBay scammers and Craigslist idiots/time wasters. 

Click HERE to visit our BIKES FOR SALE page.  It is ALWAYS in the top 5 entry pages to our website.  This means a lot of people have this page bookmarked and come back to it almost daily to see what bikes have been added since their last visit.  Lots of specific & interested traffic means maximum exposure.

POSTING NOTES (how to create a winning advert): 
* Always give an asking price - adverts submitted with "make an offer" will not be accepted as they are a waste of everyone's time.
* Include how you want to be contacted - we highly advise you give your email address and your telephone number for the best response.
* Include a first paragraph or 2 describing your bike, how long you have had it, be realistic on condition description etc...
* List in outline form, the good, the bad and the ugly. Everything you can think of.  The more information given, the better.
* If you wish your image gallery to have the photos posted in a particular order you MUST rename each image numerically before sending. Lowest number will be shown in the first position.  ie; 001.jpg 002.jpg etc.  If this doesn't matter to you do not worry about it, just send your photos over.
* If you wish a particular image to be used as the thumbnail image on the BIKES FOR SALE page please simply state the image name to be used and note it in your text email.  If you do not care, we will choose what we think is best and use it.
* You may attach a word doc with your description or just type it in your email.  Whatever is easiest for you.
* Please consider taking photographs of your bike in front of your garage door so that each photo only clearly showcases your motorcycle.  You only want people to be staring at the bike you are trying to sell, not getting distracted by your Ferrari collection or other cool bikes you might own. Take the time to move the bike around between shots so each one has a bland garage door (or similar) for the background....  nothing else.
* Your asking price should be within what people will consider 'reasonable' given the specific bike, condition, originality etc.  Not 'cheap' just somewhere within what people in the know will think 'reasonable'. We can change your asking price, modify text etc during your ad duration but be aware that if your initial asking price is way out there, nobody will bother looking at your bike later if you drop the price etc.  It will sit.  Please give a lot of thought into what you choose to ask for your bike...

Please pay for your advert here before asking for any guidance etc on anything relating to your advert.

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Reviewed by beinbrech
beinbrech bought "Bike For Sale Posting Fee" on our website
05/23/2016 - 01:14:19 PM
Bike Sold in One Day
I got a call before I even realized the the ad was posted. Serious buyer that bought the bike that day, unbelievable!
Reviewed by tobaccoblender
06/11/2015 - 03:34:17 AM
Why waste time elsewhere?
I'm still reeling a bit from shock!
The bare facts are these:
Steve put my 750 Sport up on his website on Tuesday evening, the bike was sold Wednesday morning.
What more could anybody want?
This is clearly THE destination website for anybody buying or selling a bevel drive Ducati.
'Nuff said.