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ThreeBond #1211 Liquid Gasket

ThreeBond #1211 Liquid Gasket
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Price: $27.95
Part # : 3bd-1211
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ThreeBond 1211 Liguid Gasket is an excellent silicone gasket goo. It is heat and chemical resistant [heat and chemical PROOF based on my experience]. You may know about this stuff as YAMA-BOND. This Stuff Works. When I raced my little single the thing would spring leaks everywhere. The rocker cover had a mounting point to the frame and it would crack.... One time I noticed a crack just after practice and with no time to pull it off and replace it, I just cleaned the surface with brake cleaner and puddled some of this stuff over the length of the crack. Since the motor was very hot, it cured in like 15 mins, just in time for me to go out and win my race. When I came in I fully expected to see oil all over the place, but this stuff sealed it up. Remember, I can carry ANY product I want, but I only choose to stock products that I *know* work well. Three Bond..... this stuff works.

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