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Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit - Bevel Twins

Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit - Bevel Twins
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Price: $539.74
Part # : MMS-CLTCH
Manufacturer: Made in the USA by Bevel Heaven
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Installation Guide Needed - Add this to your cart when you place your order - these are your instructions and are not sent with the kit:

1)  Download the clutch kit installation guide -> click HERE then click "add to cart".

(After placing your order you get an order confirmation email, you will find a link, please click it to download a large, easy to read .pdf file which you can print out or just look at.  These are your instructions to install this kit and you *will* need them.  They can also be found in the "Install Guides, Instructions" category).

Why Buy This Kit?
  Simple. Bevel drive Ducati twins have historically had an extremely hard clutch pull. This kit greatly reduces the amount of effort required to pull in the clutch, so it feels more like a modern motorcycle in that sense. You will also find neutral much easier when you get to a stop light since the throw is slightly increased. Everyone that I have talked to that have installed this kit in the past love it and are very satisfied with it's effectiveness.

The Bevel Heaven Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit is available in 3 specific configurations - make the right choice from the drop down menu above: 

Kit 1:  The original MMS kit is for all 750 GT & 750 Sport as originally designed (750 GT/Sport Kit)

Kit 2:  This kit fits all RIGHT SIDE SHIFT bevel drives such as 750SS roundcase 'Greenframe' & 1975 750/900 Super Sport (Right Side Shift Square Case Kit)

Kit 3:
  The 3rd kit (Bosch Ignition Bevel Kit ala Darmah, later 900SS, MHR, 900GTS - any bevel drive with a BOSCH ignition) includes a standoff piece to hold the slave in place where there is no selector box under the sprocket cover.  The standoff post is used on all models that shift on the left and have the selector mechanism inside the clutch cover, such as the Darmah and square case Super Sports. The standoff is needed because there is no selector housing in the sprocket cover on those models to support the slave cylinder, only the cable arm lugs and a support web.

NEW: You can choose a standard stainless steel banjo bolt for the master cylinder, or better yet, add a banjo bolt with a built in bleeder screw to help bleed the system easier....

These kits come with everything you need to do the job; a new Brembo REC type clutch master cylinder with your choice of silver or black dogleg lever and a mirror or no-mirror type clamp, Galfer SS brake hose with either clear or black cover, stainless banjo bolt, copper crush washers, hard anodized slave cylinder with piston & seal, 4mm drift to drive out the old roll pin, a new roll pin to attach slave to pivot shaft (a cotter pin is also included if that is what you prefer to use) & some zip ties to attach the hose to your frame.  You can choose to get different brake fluids we stock as well as getting the kit without fluid.

NOTE: There currently is no kit available for any bevel twin that utilizes a crossover shaft for shifting such as 860GTs or 900GTs. Basically, if the engine has a selector box on the right side (in the sprocket cover) and shifts on the left, then it almost certainly has the crossover linkage and therefore - neither of our kits will work!

* This system will definitely work on the following bevel drive Ducati: all 750 GT, all 750 Sport, all 1974/75 Super Sport models & by adding the standoff piece, all 1978 900 onwards Super Sport, MHR, Darmah, S2 etc.  Basically all models with Bosch ignition motors – including the 19 or so ’79 750 Super Sports.

NOTE:  If you prefer a different Brembo master clyinder than what comes with this kit as shown above (the REC type) from our available inventory (click HERE) NO PROBLEM - you only pay the difference in price and we will substitute what you want for you....  Make your choice from the options menu above.  Keep in mind that you will also need to purchase a new reservoir, hose and clamps which we also stock, shown below in the RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS section on this page.. 

No, we will absolutely NOT sell you everything but the master cyilnder so please do not ask.

  • Upgrade to a black REM type Brembo #10.5065.10 (kit + $15)
  • Upgrade to a gold 916 type Brembo #10.5065.13 with silver adj. lever (kit + $40)
  • Upgrade to a gold 996 type Brembo #10.9740.23 with silver adj. lever (kit + $95)
NOTEYes it is true - Bevel Heaven have bought the rights to manufacture and distribute the famous MMS hydraulic clutch conversion kit that Karl Engellenner developed and has been selling for over a decade. He has now retired & we are keeping this kit alive.

SHIPPING:  Choose only PRIORITY or EXPRESS - we will not ship any international orders of this product via First Class.  Also, United Kingdom, Italy, South Africa & Israel customers you MUST choose EXPRESS for shipping due to insurance requirements. 

* Dealer Enquires Welcome

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Johnpst
02/04/2019 - 09:59:34 PM
Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit
This conversion kit does exactly what it says it does. I restore a lot of vintage bikes. Not many have a clutch like the bevel head. This modification gives a good, solid feel, clear disengagement, and smooth repeatable engagement. It's still firm but nothing like the original cable.

The instructions are clear and accurate. Read them though. There are modifications and cleaning instructions that if you don't follow them, you'll have to back up on more than one occasion.

Of the thousands of modifications I've made over the decades, this is the first one I can say works exactly as advertised. Even better.

Good luck!
Reviewed by riccorman
riccorman bought "Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit - Bevel Twins" on our website
01/26/2015 - 11:05:47 AM
Clutch conversion kit
I purchased this kit for my 1978 Darmah and installed it in less than 45 minutes. The included parts are top quality and the fit and finish are perfect. I routed the line so that the engine now looks even cleaner than original without the old clutch cable lying across the cases. Steve's illustrated instructions for installation are EXCELLENT, leaving nothing to question. I'd recommend this kit to anyone with a bevel twin, especially if your bike has a hard time hitting neutral.
Reviewed by ConnaMarra67
01/21/2014 - 02:29:29 PM
MMS Hydraulic Clutch Kits
1. These kits are the dog's dinner, that is to say work and do so VERY well !
2. They are well engineered using excellent materials.
3. Included in the kit are a set of very effective and easily followed installation instruction.
4. The finished installation makes for an effective and well presented addition to any Ducati.
5. I'm using these kits on both 750 and 900 bevel Ducati and highly recommend their use! DLK/LAX
Reviewed by hulagun
01/20/2014 - 08:22:56 PM
Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit
The hydraulic clutch tames upgraded (heavy) clutch springs, lowering lever effort significantly. While I liked the extended cable arm modification a lot, after breaking a couple clutch cables, I installed this kit. Not as progressive when leaving a dead stop as the cable is, the kit gives a slight on-off feeling, which I got used to quickly. Gear selection is easier, including locating neutral at a stop. I have now put several thousands trouble free miles on the kits installed on both my old Ducati 750 and my 900SS. After about 6 years of use, I did have to renew the piston seal in the older kit. Not a hard job, could even be done as a roadside repair if you have an extra seal and brake fluid with you.