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750 Oil Pump Entry Port Adapter

750 Oil Pump Entry Port Adapter
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Price: $107.64
Part # : OPEPA-750
Manufacturer: Brancato Engineering
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Installing the Ducati 750 bevel V twin oil pump entry port.

The oil pump entry port kit consists of:  1   21mm hex headed aluminium piece, 1 flat washer,  1 slotted stainless steel screw. The hex headed aluminium part has an O ring already fitted. Note; the new grubscrew is the shorter than original, it also has an ‘incomplete’ last thread to aid positive locking.

Installation of the kit is possible, without stripping the engine. No special tools are needed.

1 Start with the machine safely placed on the centre stand, remove the sump filter and the opposite plug and completely drain the oil in the sump, (if the machine can be safely  rolled off the centre stand and held angled to the left for a few minutes, it will aid more oil to be drained)

2 Examine the oil filter mesh tube removed from the engine, if it is a Ducati plastic mesh type, examine the end ‘spigot’.

* NOTE:  Only the the 12mm diameter spigot end version is compatible with our kit - if it has the 14mm diameter spigot version, you will need to purchase a 12mm type.

3 Working on the r/h/s of the engine, using a good fitting flat screwdriver, remove the little 10mm grubscrew, (it has a right hand thread).

Note: The Ducati factory used a ‘punch’ opposite the screwdriver slot as a means of locking it in, and you will have to overcome this; by attempting to first screwing it in a little…… and then screwing it out, please take special care here.

4 Using long nose pliers,  carefully pull out the Ducati OEM rubber bush.

5 Clean the area around the thread of the grubscrew, and screw in the new grubscrew and tighten, it is most important that the new grubscrew does not protrude into the ‘bore’ as this will prevent the new aluminium part from being installed. If you are intending to use  some locking fluid on the grubscrew (instead of the Ducati ‘punch’ lock method) the thread area must be prepared according to the lock fluid maker’s instructions. If you intend to use the punch lock method; using a small punch distort the aluminium opposite the slot, thereby preventing it from loosening. 

6 Lubricate the new 21mm hex headed aluminium part, making sure that the flat washer is on, and very carefully screw and guide the O ring end until it is fully in and tightened with a 21mm spanner or socket.

7 Replace the improved metal mesh sump filter (or the Ducati 12mm ended original plastic type) by first ‘locating’ the end into the new entry port bore, before engaging the thread and tightening If any noticeable resistance is met during  final reassembly of the tube filter….. STOP and investigate further.

8 Fill engine with fresh oil, check for leaks, and start engine, once warm, re check for leaks.

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