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BOSCH Pickup Wire Kit - SS & Darmah

BOSCH Pickup Wire Kit - SS & Darmah
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Price: $97.64
Part # : B-Har
Manufacturer: Made in the USA by Bevel Heaven
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The Problem:  When the engineers at Ducati told BOSCH to make up sets of pickups for their bevel drive twins, they neglected to tell them that those pickups would be sitting inside the motor and would be subjected to a constant bath of hot engine oil and all that comes with that.... They also didn't mention that these pickup wires would exit the engine and then run alongside the exhaust pipe and be subjected to an enormous amount of heat.... So, Bosch supplied Ducati with some wonderful ignition pickups but the wires that were formed into these pickups which run to the inducers had just the normal plastic sheathing...  This plastic sheathing cracked due to all the heat outside the motor and, inside the motor it literally melted off etc.  This is a common problem with ALL bevel drive twins that were supplied with a BOSCH ignition system.

The Solution:  To remedy this problem, you must carefully replace the 4 wires coming out of the pair of pickups with FEP or similar wire so that it can withstand the chemicals and heat, and your motor will run correctly. Each pair of wires must be cut near each pickup and the new wires connected, taking great care to not switch around any of the 4 wires.  It is absolutely imperative that you get things exactly as they were.  Switch around 2 wires on a pickup and that cylinder will constantly run at full advance.....

An Easy Fix:  This is a replacement harness kit we have made up so you can re-wire the BOSCH pickups on your DARMAH or Super Sport. Yes, you will have to cut your pickup wires and use the included butt connectors to connect this new wire harness kit as well as trim the lengths of wire as required and install the spade connectors that snap into the plug for the Bosch inducers etc....... But do know that you will get a very solid step by step instructional manual with photos showing and explaining exactly what to do.

What's Included:  This kit comes with 4 strands of 22 gauge FEP wire pre installed inside of vacuum hose (for heat protection), 4x butt connectors to connect the wires to your pickups, 4 spade connectors that snap into the inducer plugs as per original, a new brass gland nut, aluminum washer, grommet & outer plastic gland nut for where it exits your engine cover so nothing leaks, enough high quality 3:1 shrink tubing to cover your butt connectors and a well written instructional manual with photos etc on how to do this job.

* NOTE: This kit will fit all earlier Darmah where wires go from pickup directly to transducers as well as the few later Darmah where the pickup wires extend about a foot out of the motor and then there is a Molex connector. It will also fit Bosch ignition 900SS...... 

Your install manual will be emailed to you when your order is processed. This is a concise and complete 'how-to' manual which shows and describes how to remove your clutch cover etc and go about the business of replacing the wires with our harness kit on your BOSCH pickups inside your bevel drive DUCATI Darmah or later 900 Super Sport.

This manual was written by Bevel Heaven owner/founder Steve Allen.

9 pages, 1746 words, 12 color photos

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