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We hope you like your shopping experience, we strive to make it easy to find what you need, and even easier to buy.  Please read the notes below - it's all important stuff.  Thank you!

Technology sure is a great thing, isn't it?  But, sometimes things just go wrong.  If life isn't easy for you while on our website, DON'T GET FRUSTRATED just take a deep breath and either give us a call or send us an email and explain exactly what is happening and where - please be precise in your explanation.  Please do not waste a lot of your time trying to figure things out, often a quick call or email will get you the help you need or at least, alert us of a problem on our site so we can correct it.

Click REGISTER above and create an account so that you can keep track of what you ordered and when.  You only have to do this for the first order.  On future orders click LOGIN first, then add your items to the cart and complete the checkout process - your address(es) will automatically input where they need to be during checkout for you, everything is FAST this way. 

Do not use any Special Characters (such as Hérault etc) in your address

You will be given 3 choices for shipping; First Class, Priority and Express.  Express is the fastest and also the most expensive.  If you are in a hurry this is the best choice to use.  Priority is pretty fast, we can insure and track most packages using this method.  First Class is the least expensive and slowest, but the major drawback with this choice is that we can not track or insure using First Class.  Therefore, be advised that we will not ship out any international orders valued over $200 via First Class - Period.  If you choose this method for orders valued at over $200 then this will delay your shipment as we will have to contact you with instructions on how to make an additional payment to ship via Priority.  Your order will be placed on hold.

* United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel & Italian Customers:
  You MUST choose EXPRESS for shipping as there is no insurance available via PRIORITY or First Class.

There are no restrictions on your shipping choices presented...  If it is there, it's fair.  First Class is cheap and SLOW, Priority is the best all around choice.  Choose Express if you are in a hurry [please read "SHIPPING DETAILS" below].

All pricing is listed in USD ($). For payments we accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover cards.  We only process all orders through this shopping cart.  We will only accept bank transfers for orders greater than $2000 for a flat fee of $42 above the cost of parts & postage.  We do not accept cash or any form of checks, IOUs, COD etc.

The email address you enter on our website must match your PayPal email address. After you click PURCHASE and fill in your PayPal account information, you will go to the PayPal website where you click the PURCHASE button there and, you MUST click the link that says something like CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO VENDOR WEBSITE AND COMPLETE YOUR ORDER. Failure to do this means your order doesn't complete.  Please do NOT use Paypal's "eCheck" method as it will hold up your order while the check "clears" [until we get paid], and, it takes up additional time to monitor and do accounting around your order. 

If you need to tell us anything related to your order as it is placed, look for a box that says SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS on our checkout page and type in whatever details you need to add.  Do not use the 'message' box on the PayPal payment page to tell us anything as we will not see it.  You will immediately get an automated order confirmation email.  If you see a problem, or, you have a problem later relating to that order, hit REPLY to that confirmation and let us know what's going on.

To figure out shipping costs, create an account or log into your account, add the items you want to your cart, click CHECKOUT and review your order. You will see shipping options with their costs for you to choose from.  If we can put your order into a flat rate box and the cost to us is greater than $5 cheaper than what was charged - we will refund the difference by default when we process your order.

We generally ship each Tuesday & Friday. If you placed your order Tuesday through Thursday, your order will most likely be shipped on Friday. If you ordered Friday through Monday, your order will most likely ship on Tuesday. We will always send another email when we physically pack your order to ship. If you don't get this 2nd personal email [from shop owner Steve Allen] within 3 business days, PLEASE either shoot over an email or give us a call to confirm we actually got your order!!! Holidays will push out the above by the number of days we are closed.....

Expedited Shipping: If you need your order shipped any other day (Mon, Wed, Thurs) we will run it out to the post office, if at all possible, for a $75 fee.

You will be charged California Sales Tax (currently 0.0875) only if your delivery address is within the state of California. If you are going through the order process and have not logged into your account, you will see CA SALES TAX as a charge. It will disappear once you log into your out of state or international account or provided an out of state shipping address.

The easiest way to keep track of what you may want to purchase is to set up a wish list.  To do so, log into your account, click MY WISH LIST.  Next type in the name of the wish list you want to create and click the ADD WISHLIST button.  Yes you can set up multiple wish lists (like for each bike you are working on).  To use this feature, as you go through our catalog, when you find something you may want just click on the ADD TO WISHLIST link (above ADD TO CART button).  It will stay in there until you add it to your cart or delete it. 

Some parts or listed as Ducati part #s, others are Brembo or Dellorto #s and some bits we use the manufacturer's part #s. So, start by searching using Ducati #s and if you strike out, type a description or what the item is called in our search box.  Click HERE for our library of Ducati part manuals we have posted online.

At checkout, enter your U.S. Military APO, FPO, or DPO shipping address just as you would any U.S. address. To make sure your package gets to its destination, follow these instructions:

1:  First and Last Name: Enter without rank numbers or commas (USPS will not accept numbers or punctuation in a name)
2:  Address Line 1:
              For Army, Navy and Marines - enter Unit Number and Box Number
              For Ships - enter Ship Name and Hull Number
              For Air Force - enter PSC Number and Box Number
3:  Address Line 2:  Enter optional military command or organization name (e.g., USAG J or 2/566 Postal Co.).
4:  City:  Must enter either APO, FPO, or DPO. Entering the country's city is incorrect and will delay your order.
5:  State:  Select one of the following:
              AE - Armed Forces Europe
              AA - Armed Forces Americas
              AP - Armed Forces Pacific
6:  ZIP Code:  Enter the 5-digit ZIP code for the military unit. It must start with a 0 or 9. Any other ZIP codes in combination with AE, AA or AP will result in your order being delayed.
7: Country: "United States" is the only option and is correct (even if your order may be going to Afghanistan). All packages are mailed through the United States Postal Service and forwarded to the Military Postal Service Agency for delivery, which USPS considers domestic. Do not include the country or the base camp's city on any line of the address.

Address Example:
SGT John Doe
Unit 45013 Box 2666
Camp Victory
APO AE 09364

When using a mobile phone (iPhone, iPad etc), you will automatically be redirected to our mobile site which is slightly different than our main site.  To navigate between main catagories click on the 3 line 'hamburger' icon in the black area, upper right corner. Then to go between sub catagories click the hamburger in the white part of the page.  Please see image below. Also, it seems that sometimes when using an iPhone, the text links may or may not work.  The work around if this happens to you is to simply turn your phone 90 degrees and try again... We are working on a fix...

mobile site screenshot

If You Have Any Problems Placing Your Order - STOP - Give Us A Call
And We Will Handle Things From This End For You!

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