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Stickers & Kits

Stickers & Kits
These are die cut vinyl automotive quality stickers that can be clear coated over the top or just applied on top of paint....

This means for example, the DUCATI logo on a gas tank has the letters individually cut out etc.. There is no clear border or surround.

We highly recommend using our sticker application squeegee tool to apply our stickers. Peel the backing off the sticker and apply to clean surface. Use this squeegee to put even pressure so you don't get any air bubbles under the sticker.

NOTE: It is best to use 1 drop of dish wash liquid with some water in a spritzer bottle to first wet the surface you are going to apply your sticker to. Once you have pressed the sticker to the surface, use the squeegee to force ALL the water and air bubbles out from between sticker and surface. Let your sticker sit for a half hour and come back and hit it with the squeegee again this time with a bit of vigor. Let sit for another half hour, squeegee once more then carefully remove the masking tape over the top of the sticker.

If you are going to spray clear coat over your stickers, do not do so for at least 3 - 5 days depending on how warm it is.
Part # : marz-hyd
Part # : marz-Y_bak
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