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Slipper Clutch Kits & Parts

Yoyodyne Slipper Clutches for your modern Ducati.

Slipper clutches help both the novice and advanced rider.

The novice rider will be benefited by how the slipper clutch stops rear wheel hop when the riders grabs one too many downs shifts while slowing down. When this happens the large Ducati V twin will cause the rear wheel to hop, which reduces rider control. When the rear wheel is hopping, the motorcycle will not change direction if the rider is trying to  make it turn.

The advanced rider will benefit on corner entry due to the reduced input that the engine braking is having on the rear suspension. There are two main effects that the engine's back torque creates. The first one is that it prevents the rear wheel from tracking straight during hard braking, causing the bike to wallow.  The second one is one corner entry before you pick up the throttle. There it causes the rear wheel / suspension to not follow the bumps in the track creating an instability.